While Adobe Acrobat Pro has been working well with TexnicCenter in earlier versions, Acrobat Pro 9 does not accept the DDE command to bring back the PDF document at the same position as it was closed before the build. I.e., the DDE command [MenuitemExecute("GoBack")] does not work with Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.

Instead of accepting this, there actually exists an alternative, namely throwing out Acrobat in favor of the free PDF-XChange Viewer. After installing the PDF-XChange Viewer, go into TexnicCenter and define the output profile for LaTeX => PDF. Under the Viewer tab, set the output and forward search to command line argument and write
as the command. Make sure to have a space in front of the first “. Set also the “Close document before running (La)TeX” to command line argument and write this as the command:
 /close "%bm.pdf"
Make sure that there is a space before the slash here to.

Voila, there you have it. A PDF viewer that works seamlessly with TexnicCenter.