When changing the HELLO and TC intervals in the ns-2 OLSR implementation by Ros and Ruiz (v0.8.8), we use the definitions in the script file, for example:

Agent/OLSR set hello_ival_ 2.0
Agent/OLSR set tc_ival_ 5.0

However, bugs have found their way into the code, so you have to make the following changes in olsr.h to make it behave properly:

  • Change the hello_ival_ and tc_ival_ from int to double, and the corresponding functions accordingly.
  • Change the macro definitions for OLSR_HELLO_INTERVAL, OLSR_TC_INTERVAL, OLSR_MID_INTERVAL and OLSR_REFRESH_INTERVAL from 2 and 5 to hello_ival_ and tc_ival_ respectively.